David Ventura President & CEO

David Ventura serves as a Director and a President for the company. David earned a B.A. in Psychology with minor in Biology and specialization in Animal Behavior at the University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC). Mr Ventura started his career as a Zoological tour guide at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Upon completion of his B.A. Degree from UIC, David moved to the Florida Keys where he worked as a volunteer at the Dolphin Research Center ultimately completing his internship. After the internship completion, David assumed a position as a Dolphin Trainer at Dolphin Research Center. David continued his Dolphin Trainer career at Sea World Orlando, where he continued to work with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. David’s love and passion for animals is what fueled him to start David’s Animal Connections.


Non-Profit Leadership
Animal Training
Behavior Modification
Animal Nutrition
Agility Training