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If you are thinking about sending your pet to one of the animal shelters in the area due to the animal’s unwanted behavior (barking, biting, etc.), please consider giving us a call. We can help You and your animal reconnect through specifically designed training and behavior modification sessions. 

Obedience Training

Obedience training can help You reconnect with your animals through mastery of voice commands and hand gestures. 

Behavior Modification

At DAC, we offer Behavioral Training for your animal friends. This is an important part of animal training. We offer one-on-one training that focuses on the root-cause of the inappropriate animal behavior and we will work with you and your animal friend to modify these unwanted behaviors.

Puppy Training

Puppy training can be exhausting and we are here to help You. At DAC, we focus on positive reinforcement and obedience training that is specifically designed for puppies. You can train your puppy in a group setting or a private class. 

Agility Training

At DAC, we understand the need for animal fitness and agility training. Animals need agility and stamina, just as much as their owners. We can help You develop a good exercise regimen and help You keep your animal friends healthy and agile for years to come. DAC Staff specializes in development of  custom indoor and outdoor fitness plans for your animal friend(s). 


David’s Animal Connections (DAC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization advocating the importance of being responsible pet owners through a lifelong education, training and pet care.


It is our goal to help pet owners and families build a mutually rewarding relationship with each other and ultimately keeping the pets out of the pet shelters. 

What makes you a responsible pet owner?

Responsible pet owners are taking the initiative to actively participate in a mutually beneficial relationship through lifelong education, care, and training.

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